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ZAPSnet Consultancies is proud to be the pioneer of Juniors international events in Pakistan. Expo Juniors was the first mega event that was held from 7th to 9th April 2006 at Expo Centre, Karachi.
By the grace of God Almighty Allah it was a great success. Around 400,000 juniors were benefited by this event. Government of Sindh and many other organizations and agencies have recognized it as a very healthy platform to invest on juniors. We pledge to keep special focus on our juniors because we believe that it will pay us back 10 years later.

  Website URL: http://www.expojuniors.com
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The Junior Space Website
TheJuniorSpace.com is an exclusive website for juniors of all ages. Here they can learn, play, study and interact with their friends all over the world. All information about juniors events organized by ZAPSnet can also be collected from here.

ZAPSnet plans to use it as an interactive tool of marketing in Juniors and reshaping their mindsets into responsible citizens and values-oriented adults in the future.

Website URL: http://www.thejuniorspace.com

Expo Juniors Monthly Magazine
Expo Juniors Monthly is a magazine dedicated to provide all that our children need to get stronger and skilled to take good care of their world. This magazine too has all announcements, club activities list of participants, photos of winners in various junior events organized by ZAPSnet Consultancies and its affiliates.

This magazine welcomes all juniors to write and contribute to their own magazine.

Website URL: http://www.expojuniors.com/magazine

PrintPak 2005
The 7th International Exhibition of Printing, Publishing, Packaging, Converting and Paper was held at the Expo Centre Karachi from 3rd – 5th September 2005. ZAPSnet was the sole campaign maker, marketer and event manager of this official exhibition of Pakistan Association of Printing and Graphic Arts Industries PAPGAI. This corporate exhibition was a big success and it introduced PrintPak to the international markets for the first time.

Website URL: http://www.papgai.com.pk
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Pakistan Media Monitors (PMM)
PakistanMediaMonitors.org is a website to impact media trends in a positive manner. PMM realizes that media, especially television, has an enormous impact on the world. Media everyday molds politics, economy, morality, social behavior, and people's opinions about a myriad of issues.

In a nutshell, we are pursuing responsible media. Pakistan Media Monitors welcomes confident and insightful people to help in restoring zest and genuine purposefulness in the Pakistani media.

  Website URL: http://www.pakistanmediamonitors.org


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“Expo Juniors”
On the 7th of April, 2006, first time in Pakistan we addressed our juniors on a mega level and actually decorated the biggest Expo Centre of Pakistan in Karachi just for our youngsters.
“PrintPak 2005”
The 7th International Exhibition of Printing, Publishing, Packaging, Converting and Paper was held at the Expo Centre Karachi from 3rd – 5th September 2005.
“USA Studios”
USA Studios is a digital distribution studio for broadcast media content. Provide all media distribution for broadcast with state of the art post production and duplication services.
“USA Discs”
USA Discs provides High Volume VHS Duplication and Optical Disc Replication services with an output capacity of millions of replicated media products such as DVD, CD, and VHS annualy.USA Discs is the premier multimedia facility to handle all your duplication and replication projects.
“Tax Management System-TMS”
This software covers overall the taxation system. Functionalities are Tax Challan Statement, Paid Bills Entries, Bills Payment through NTN, Tax ZONE and Circle, Income Tax Forms. And many more.
This application comprises of six (6) modules, Student Information System, Fees Collection System, Time Attendance System, Route Management System, Payroll System and Security System. The system has following functionalities:Students Admission, Marks Sheets, Transport Allocations, Student Daily Attendance, Fees Collection Receipt, Teachers Periods Allocation and many more added.
This is generic application, which controls overall the inventory of any company or organization having any nature of business. The system has following functionalities:
Material Issue Note, Material Receive Note, Material Return Note, Gate Pass Entry, Broken Inventory and stock handling reports